Pixelart fonts issue fixed

We've released a fix for an issue impacting low resolution fonts. Templates won't be antialiased now, making it easy to draw individual pixels on them.

Sample filled template (enlarged)

Sample filled template (enlarged for the purposes of the post)


calligro-win-64.zip 77 MB
Version 1.0.1 Oct 17, 2021
calligro-linux.zip 74 MB
Version 1.0.1 Oct 17, 2021

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Also (!) now I can get the fonts working in Godot, the image file that Caligro saves ("xxxxx-0.png") is anti-aliased too!

Also found out why I couldn't get fonts to work in Godot - the fnt file keeps the word caligro when I save it with another name:

eg. font saved as "xevious_green":

info face=caligro...

should be:

info face=xevious_green-custom...


page id=0 file=caligro-page-0.png...

should be:

page id=0 file=xevious_green-0.png...

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Hi, this is just what I need, but I still get antialiasing on the templates randomly on Windows10 / Aseprite.

Hi, can you provide sample template parameters (character set, size, base, etc) from which you get anti-aliased files?

Sure! Here's some examples:

Basic Latin, 8x8, base 8

ABCDEF, 8x8, base 8

Basic Latin, 10x10, base 10

ABCDEF, 10x10, base 10

(I have the base set as above because I'm only using capital letters, is this correct?!)

Also, if I've saved a template with the Basic latin character set, then change the character set to custom (eg. ABCDEF), when I save the template it still has the larger grid from the previous character set. This doesn't happen every time, seems random.