You have been chosen. Your friends have performed a ritual on you. You now have the power over the death itself. Only one problem arises - you're stuck in the middle of a forest.

Snow Phantom

You're in a loop of killing yourself, becoming a ghost, and possessing new bodies. Find a way out of the forest.


  • WSAD (or arrow keys) and mouse to move
  • left mouse button to interact
  • ESC to unlock the cursor

Made over a weekend for the Mini Jam 72 (theme: adventure, limitation: death as a core mechanic)


Please don't read the following hints unless you really got stuck.


  • when you're a ghost you can possess sleeping bodies
  • when you're a human you can die (and become a ghost) by using the knife or falling off the cliff
  • your goal is to somehow take the canister up the cliff and use it on the car
  • if you've killed all the sleeping bodies on the cliff you can't progress (there are 9 of them)
  • when you're a ghost you can possess not only humans but also birds
  • when you're a bird you can carry the canister up the cliff
  • when you're a bird you can die (and drop the canister) by getting shot by the hunter


Download 19 MB


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i love this, its fun, its small, but if it were in a large game, and it was the main concept, it would take off