Watch simple stories become legends as you tweak the truth.

Clients come and go. Some want to share their stories. Others prefer to listen. This is the life on an innkeeper. This is your life.

Collect stories told to you by other people and retell them. Of course tales aren't set in stone. You'll change them each time. If your listeners like what they hear they will spread the story further. Also changing it in the process. Some stories will eventually come back to you. A tale about a kid running from a wolf will become an epic legend about a princess slaying a Kraken.

Made in 1 week for VimJam (limit: "collectibles", theme: "there and back").

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Interactive Fiction, Strategy
TagsMedieval, Relaxing


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I’m playing on chrome and it literally isn’t working. I clicked on two characters and got stories. then I have tried clicking everything else, nothing works. not even the buttons.

I withheld a rating though, I feel like it would be unfair to give it one based on not being able to play.

ik this is two years ago but that's the point you can only talk  to one person at onc


Strange, no one had issues like this before. I doubt it but maybe it's adblock? Unfortunately, if it's a bug I cannot fix it until the gamejam voting period is over because it's against the rules to upload new versions.

I also haven’t tried a different browser yet, but no worries. It seemed like a great concept

This was a really cool game with a really cool concept. It was fun and entertaining. I played the entire thing. And I really liked the art also.

Very cool idea , coloring and music ! Well done :)

This is a really interesting idea! I like colour and general feel of the whole game. Fun experience :)

 This is really good!
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